Repair eaves with vinyl soffit

vinyl soffit falling out

vinyl soffit falling out

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Here is a problem, we have a vinyl soffit on this house and it is falling out. This often indicates that the eaves are pulled loose and when I opened this one up I found that the fascia and the 2×4 behind it was coming off the house and since it had been this way for a while the rain water from the roof was dumping behind the gutter and rotting out the fascia boards.

So What can you do to repair this vinyl soffit? first you need to remove the gutter. This can be a bit tricky working alone but it can be done. I usually pull it up onto the roof while I work on the eaves.

Then you remove the sheet metal from the fascia and remove each piece of soffit (they are usually nailed to the fascia board) remove the fascia board and sub fascia if it is rotten.

CAM00808Measure and cut the new sub fascia which is usually a 2×4. Install it to the rafter tails using SPAX 6 inch lag screw. This will hold much better and stronger than nails which many people use. Install new fascia board and reset your vinyl soffit. Sometimes you may need to cut them a little and a tin snips works well for this. Reinstall your sheet metal which covers the outside edges of your vinyl. Reinstall your gutter using these clips or something similar. Do not use the nails: they do not hold well. Seal any joints or ends with seamer mate and connect your downspout. Congratulations you are done.

CAM00807Thank you for looking and I hope this will help anyone interested in doing this for themself or for hiring the right professional to do the job.

Steven Caudill

Handyman Caudill



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